2021-09-08 Hindu Forum Belgium meets his excellency Mr. Santosh Jha, ambassador of India to Belgium

Hindu Forum of Belgium bear members with his excellency Mr. Santosh Jha

On the 8th of September, the board members of the Hindu Forum of Belgium were received by his excellency Mr. Santosh Jha, ambassador of India to Belgium. Ravinder Singh, president of HFB, started by thanking the ambassador for his prompt action regarding a picture of Ganesh on the label of a bottle of a beverage containing alcohol. The ambassador explained how he pleaded with the manufacturer, who agreed to replace the label, even though the law on freedom of speech allows for even offensive labels. The manufacturer, however, thus the ambassador, had no ill intent. He even submitted the new label to the ambassador for approval.

The executive director then asked the ambassador’s help in confirming with the Minister of Justice his decision to pass a law on subsidy of HFB at the beginning of 2022, which Mr. Santosh Jha granted.

Finally, blessings and support were asked for a conference on the contribution of Hinduism to Belgian and European society with the cooperation of the University of Ghent, as well as help in asking the mayor of Brussels for the use of the Grande Place for a Divali celebration in the fall of 2022. The ambassador was favourable and recommended organising Divali conjointly with other organisations who have organised Divali.