Hindu Forum of Belgium was launched on the 16th of March 2007 in Brussels at the Jolly Hotel. It started through the inspiration of the Hindu Forum of Europe which is based on the working model of the Hindu Forum of Britain’s success.


Hinduism Is a recognised religion in Belgium. It is contributing to the Belgium identity by positively highlighting the diverse nature of modern day Belgium and is actively contributing in different areas of Belgian society like culture, economy, spirituality and social cohesion.


The Hindu Forum of Belgium strives to present the different Hindu Communities and Organizations to the Belgium Government, Religious Leaders, Media and Public by establishing relationships and platforms for on going dialogue. It also strives to help the migrant Hindu Communities to integrate in Belgium by facilitating the creation of platforms for their Spiritual and Religious needs


  • Open Mindedness
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Equality
  • Respectfulness
  • Dialogue


In order to achieve our ambitious and important goals, the Hindu Forum of Belgium will undertake the following activities:
  • Establish an office for proper communications and secretarial work.
  • Create a website to inform the government, media, public as well as the Hindu community itself on its activities. It will also contain general information on Hinduism.
  • Produce a pamphlet on the Hindu Forum and a brochure on Hinduism to distribute widely.
  • Collect data to create a database of members of the Hindu community.
  • Make dossier with letters of support from Hindu political and religious leaders worldwide.
  • Contact political and religious leaders in Belgium to present the activities of the Hindu Forum as well as the needs and concerns of the Hindu community.
  • To meet with community members to update the activities of the Forum.
  • To conduct consultations on behalf of the Belgian Government with the Hindu community.
  • To organize seminars on Hindu philosophy.
  • To develop a curriculum for teaching Hinduism in Belgian schools by consultation with Hindu academics in India, UK, the USA, France, and other countries.
  • To participate in important international conferences on topics of interest.
  • To contact new candidates to become members of the Hindu Forum of Belgium.
  • To organize a major fundraising event once a year.
  • To release statements on important issues concerning the interest Hindu community of Belgian as well as internationally.
  • Meet all political parties to present the HFB and the project of law for subsidy
  • Visit potential new members of HFB and previous members
  • Organize a yearly event to bring together all the associations and interact with the public/media/politicians
  • Participate in the Hindu Forum of Europe and other organizations in Belgium Europe or the World that support our goals values etc.
  • Participate in important Conferences in Belgium on topics of interest
  • Publish statements on important issues concerning the Hindu Community, Belgian Society, and the International Community
  • Keep in contact with Indian Embassy, Indian Government, Indian Parliament


These are the current members of the Hindu Forum of Belgium:

Board of Directors

Ravinder Singh

Vice President:
Manik Paul

Bruno Mestach

Dario Knez

Avinash Orie


Executive Director:
Martin Gurvich

Jorg De Mulder

Carine Vandenhout

Dario Knez