2018-11-11 Trip to Delhi, India

(From left to right) Kanta Odido, Malati Dasi, and Mahaprabhu Das gift Indian Minister of Culture Dr. Mahesh Sharma.

Mahaprabhu dasa, General Secretary of the Hindu Forum of Belgium, Malati dasi, Member of the Board of Directors of the HFB and Kanta Odido donor of HFB spent a week in Delhi meeting politicians. They presented a report of the recognition of Hinduism in Belgium and got support from important politicians. They met with Minister of Culture Mahesh Sharma, BJP Delhi leader Manoj Tirwari, Senator Karan Singh. They also attended a reception in honour of their Majesties King Philippe of Belgium and Queen Mathilde at the Ambassador’s Residency in Delhi. They had an opportunity to meet and speak with the King and Queen as well as several politicians from Belgium present at the event.